The group Twisted came from a work peer group employed by a major US motorcycle manufacturer that is headquartered in South eastern Wisconsin. We're all technically trained and do product development for "day jobs". Individually, our appreciation for music began at an early age during the 1960's, we all connect with the progression of Blues as the root for Rock. We appreciate rock standards, rock infused blues and twisted interpretations of pop classics. Our collective "off centered" sensibility is rooted and guided by our individual music interests that range from blues, pop, rock, alternative, and outlaw country. We don't limit our song set to music written in a particular decade, we like good Rock, whether it's Roy Orbison's "Pretty Woman" or "Jealous Again" by the Black Crowes.

Sweet Home Chicago

Up Around The Bend

Hash Pipe

Wild Wild Life

  • Jumpin' Jack Flash
  • Pride and Joy
  • You Really Got Me
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